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Balayage History

1970 was a time of revolution. In fashion there were patterns mixed with polyester and platform shoes that were awe-inspiring. In salons, bangs were feathered and hair was boho sheik. Glamour was rampant, and every girl needed a pair of oversized sunglasses and sun-bleached hair. While women were squeezing lemon juice on their ends in America, balayage had blossomed in France.

Balayage is the coloring technique that involves the “painting” of hair. With this technique the stylist is able to place color on the hair without the use of foils, while creating a softer more natural highlight. Because of this, longevity and more creative placement offer women a hair color that is completely unique, and 100% a work of art.

Today at present, balayage is an industry specialty that only some stylists offer. Looks can range from dramatic to more subtle, and are not limited to just blondes. Before making an appointment consult with your stylist, and as always check out WW’s Pinterest board for more inspiration.

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