Photo of Balayage Hair at WINDOWWALL in Portland, OR.


This is WINDOWWALL’s original post about balayage from 2011, please read our newer post about this popular service here!

Balayage is an advanced hair coloring technique that emerged from Paris in the 1970’s and is French for “to sweep.”   Designed to create very natural-looking highlights that allow the hair to grow out without developing a noticeable and obvious root.  Many celebrities and models have their hair balayaged.  This technique is one of the hottest trends right now.

The thing that I adore about balayage is that it is so superior to conventional highlights for several reasons.  The first being that balayage the hair color is a believable blonde.  Many foiling applications leave your hair brassy and orange and at the six to eight week mark you have to get into the salon to have them re-touched. WINDOWWALL Salons’ balayage technique stays true to the true blonde after eight weeks, and I have discovered that you can wait two-and-a-half months or longer in between your appointments.  Now who doesn’t love that?

The technique of balayage involves taking the hair and painting it by hand in a sweeping motion from the base to the top of the hair with results that are divine and looks as if you’ve spent your summer in the French Riviera.  If you are desiring a more high fashion celebrity look with lower maintenance, we highly recommend this look for you!!

POSTED by Kim Namanny