Photo of woman with balayage technique applied to her hair.

Balayage and the Hand Painting of Hair

I know by now you all have heard the word balayage, but what is it? It is the French technique for hair painting. It is one of the most sought out services in our salon and women love the results. Its look is a modern, chic color that creates depth and dimension giving you a final look that is sun kissed.

The sun-kissed look is here to stay and with many factors going into making it great is getting the perfect long-layered cut to show off your balayage. Balayage is a free hand painting technique that is designed specifically for the client and their hair. The looks can range from being more subtle or dramatic depending on what look you are looking to achieve.

The appeal is a range… It depends if you want more of a punky look or if you want something more sexy, or even more subtle. These are all looks that can be achieved with balayage. Another great factor to Balayage is an economic one. It is great option if a client cannot afford to come in every 4 weeks or wants to visit the salon less frequently. On the downside with balayage, if the color gets overlapped by the stylist, the hair can become severely damaged. So, the right techniques and a properly trained stylist must be taken into the assessment of the desired look.

Balayage is best on natural hair. I personally think it looks best with a beachy texture, a tousled look. With sharper haircuts reflecting precision, I always prefer a stronger hair color technique, something that reflects the shape. Balayage is left more for sexy beach hair looks.

Balayage will dry out your hair more than foils or even a single process color. So, it is important to speak to your stylist about getting the right color shampoo that keeps the color locked in and a conditioner that is hydrating, but will not weigh your look down. A balayage look will last you longer, but this doesn’t mean you should shy away from coming in for your regular toner appointments to keep up with the desired shade. Call WINDOWWALL Salon to set up a consultation with Kelly. She is our go-to colorist for Balayage!

xo, Kim

POSTED by Kim Namanny