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Best Hair of Summer 2019

How to Wear your Hair:

Best of Summer 2019

  1. The Wet Look

Let’s all admit something. Kim Kardashian’s 2019 MET GALA look was it. Who wouldn’t want to look dripping wet and sexy at the same time. Effortlessly perfected after a swim in the ocean, the wet look sets hair and place without losing any shine. In fact, the more shine the better. Paired perfectly with glossy eyelids and shiny lip gloss, the motto for this look is more is more.

  1. Curly Fringe

Curly hair gets a bad reputation, especially in the summer. Mixed with the increasing humidity curls can create unmanageable volume and frizz. But, don’t worry, curly fringe is here to save you this summer! Not only is it totally cute and totally in (I’m looking at you Natasha Lyonne) but this look will save your locks from being overly poofy around your face because it lays on your face.

  1. Chin-Length Blunt Bob

We all have that one friend who desperately needs to cut her dead ends off and start afresh with her hair. If you don’t have that friend, chances are that’s because you are that friend. Stop holding on to those damaged ends and go for this super cute, flirty, girly look. Short hair is hot too, just think Paris,Texas.

  1. Mullet

Billy Ray Cyrus’ re-relevancy is not only thanks to his collaboration with Lil Nas, but also, the mullet is back baby! His iconic mullet continues to be strived for by country boys and hipsters alike. I got the horses in the back…wait no let’s make it a party in the back.

  1. Baby Bun

Tyra Banks told us only to wear our hair in a “chignon” on one of the very earliest seasons of America’s Next Top Model, and finally the world has listened. The baby bun’s time has finally come! Worn with a part and lots of pomade, the baby bun is the easiest updo to accomplish on your own. Chances are you already have everything you need to wear this hairstyle in your medicine cabinet–just get out your comb and bobby pins. Tyra, you were right, it is never not a good time to be seen in this chic look.

POSTED by Morgan Reedy