Photo of hair model with an example of a brazilian blowout.

Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian Blowout is a professional smoothing treatment for all hair types. Using bonding technologies that actually improve hair quality, make it customizable for each individual and their smoothing needs. This one of a kind formula is designed to create a protective protein layer around the hair shaft, eliminating damage created over time. This is the perfect service for those curly haired clients who want to keep their natural wave or curl pattern, but eliminate unruly frizz.

 Some of the ways Brazilian Blowout differs and succeeds other smoothing treatments is the lack of down time. After the service is finished, clients are free to immediately wash hair, exercise, and tie up hair following the service. Brazilian Blowout is also the only smoothing treatment proven to improve the quality of the hair. Universally usable to all hair types, and customizable to each client, you are guaranteed to get that wash and wear hair you have always dreamed of.
Brazilian Blowout lasts up to 14 weeks. Most clients are back in the chair for a retouch around 12 weeks. Full, partial, and split end treatments are available for your particular needs.
Price points start out as;
Full – 300$ +
Partial – 175$ +
Full Retouch – 150$ +
Partial Retouch – 100$ +
Split End Treatment – 75$ +
First time Brazilian Blowout clients are required to buy the Brazilian Blowout Shampoo and Conditionar of their choice upon first visit. This ensures that the clients service will last the full 14 weeks and you will continue to have the results you desire.
It is recomended that you come in for a retouch service within 12-14 weeks after first full Brazilian Blowout service. The appointment can last anywhere between 3-4 hours for a full, and 2-3 hours or a partial or retouch.
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POSTED by Morgan Reedy