Photo of Brushes by Mason Pearson, available at WINDOWWALL Salon

Brushing Your Hair Keeps it Healthy

Do you know the old wives’ tale that you should brush your hair 100 strokes before bedtime? Marcia Brady did it and in my youth I may have copied her, after watching re-runs of the Brady Bunch. I don’t think I’d take brushing my hair that far now, but brushing your hair well before bedtime does have benefits.

First, it loosens up any styling products used during the day. Secondly, it stimulates the scalp and distributes the oils from your scalp down the lengths of your hair. Distributing the oils by brushing is the natural way to to keep your hair healthy and shiny. Another benefit of brushing is that it smooths the cuticle, which is what you definitely want for your hair.

I love my Mason Pearson Junior hairbrush, which is made of natural boar bristle and nylon with a soft rubber cushion. The boar bristle smooths the cuticle (a smooth cuticle is what gives hair it’s luster), the nylon helps grip and detangle the hair and the soft cushioning is gentle on your scalp. If you don’t already know, Mason Pearson is the Porsche of hairbrushes. Made in England, they have a variety of bristle mixtures and sizes. The most popular is probably the Junior Mixture, but I think the most versatile is the Pocket Mixture. It offers the benefits of the larger brushes, but it fits in your purse and is less expensive. But you can’t beat the luxuriousness of the Popular or Junior, which I have on my nightstand and use every night.

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