Photo of styling by Windowwall Salon stylist Lindsey Avenetti

Editorial Styling

A successful editorial stylist sees the potential lack of importance the model’s hair may play into creating the timeless photo.  A true visionary appreciates the hair’s role in the co-creative process which is photography, and is able to expand the goal of capturing an authentic moment in time.  If too much emphasis is placed on one single element, the essential balance is lost and a less iconic image is produced.  Many stylists trap themselves into the role of over-investing in the “job” they were hired for, and they forget to zoom out to the realization that they were hired to participate in something much larger than their skill alone.  It’s more an act of allowing than influencing.

The artist you want behind the chair should possess the same intuition and subtlety.  Your stylist should know when to add to your experience, rather than to their own agenda.  There is potential for the emphasis to be placed on trend and forecasting, but wouldn’t the ideal stylist be participating in the larger part of you?  Consider the other key players in your life…job, interests, spirituality, self image, and, lastly, your enthusiasm for your morning styling routine (which may be minimal…mine is).  None have to do with what the person next to you is doing.

With a new year, it may bring a new stylist.  Just some food for thought… A classic photo will always be balanced, and void of anything giving away the year it was shot in.  Let this same rule apply to your hair, opting for lifelong style over trend.

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