Photo of desk by Hartwood Construction inside WINDOWWALL Salon

Hartwood Construction

So, many of you know I have been talking about getting a custom desk to complete WINDOWWALL Salon.  And what I have discovered working with A contractor is it all stems back to the perfect line of communication.  Which is challenging at times when you do not know the terminology.  Its like when someone says to me they love texture, but actually like blunt cuts.  I am sure this is very similar in all industries, but the important factor is when someone can help you communicate your idea.  Its like they know how to pull it out of you when you are making little sense.

This was my experience with Shoogs Narelle, founder of Hartwood Construction.  He was on time each time in meeting with me and delivered the piece earlier than our agreed date.  He took additional time to get into my head about just what I was wanting, and to be able to understand that the desk was going to be multi-functional.  As you all know, it’s a lot like doing hair, some stylists can get it out of you but sometimes you leave the salon with what you didn’t want.  This is the same with construction.  I cannot say enough about how great Shoogs is, who along with the desk equals perfection.  It’s a double functioning piece; we get a bar and display case along with a desk!  WW is happy and our clients cannot stop raving about the new addition along with the case displaying some of our most favorite artists such as Reif, AKVintage, Night United and more.  An additional feature that the case has is LED lights, so everything has an additional pop.. Just like Shoogs.  Book your appointments and come check out our new piece!  xo, WW

POSTED February 19th 2013 by Kim Namanny