Photo of a woman wearing a hat made by Brookes Boswell.


I have always had a dream of having a salon with hats in it.  In our current salon we just do not have the space to introduce hats, however we do have the time to have a very special Trunk Show introducing Brooklyn-based milliner Brookes Boswell.

For spring we have been seeing hats galore.  Many in pastels, nude and yes even in straw blacks.  You do not need to be old to have a fabulous hat or even several.  Hats are timelessly cool and for a younger crowd as well.  Buying a hat is often one of the hardest decisions.  Thinking is the shape right, does it allow enough light, can I hide well enough, do I love the fabric and most importantly does it fit well.  I would say it all begins with the fit and the design both complementing the two.

Now, I have you thinking about just the perfect hat, but you can never have too many. Anything from all-black to a cocktail hat and later a Panama straw. All of these are made to size.  Brookes Boswell Millinery has a wide span of brilliance, ranging from backgrounds of architectural design, fine art and textiles, which give Brookes a keen eye for precision.  These hats can be found to suit any occasion or environment.  Each piece is meticulously crafted and everything is 100% hand blocked.  Who does not want a hat that is measured or custom to fit with such precession?

WINDOWWWALL would like to introduce Brookes Boswell!  We will be trying on these wonderful hats on April 15th from 4-7pm.  Please feel free to stop with a friend and for bubbles, strawberries and HATS!!  xo, WW

POSTED by Kim Namanny