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How to Cut your Bangs at Home

There are many different styles of bangs and I personally love them all. Sometimes just adding a little hair in the right areas around the face can change your entire look. And yes, I know the next question… What about growing them back? As stylists, we get asked this several times a day. When working with a well-trained stylist, they can help you grow your fringe out effortlessly. It’s a love/hate relationship with fringe, but I say, I always love it more. Also most high end salons will offer one complimentary bang trim in between visits, but sometimes a girl just needs a quick snip before a night out.

Now most importantly, I wouldn’t recommend this at home if you currently do not have a fringe. The reason for this is what we into account when creating the perfect fringe for you. A highly trained stylist will create balance through head shape, length and width of face.

What you will need:
-A nice comb with fine teeth.
-A sharp pair of hair cutting shears (not kitchen shears!!)
-A few hair clips.

1. First, start by pulling all of your hair back into a tight ponytail, leaving out the bang section. Make sure this hair is clean and dry. Dirty hair is too hard to cut and it’s too hard for a beginner at home.

2. Make sure you stay true to the section that has been created by a professional. Next, split the section in half. Clip the top part of the section back.

3. Now here comes the hard part. Comb with the fine teeth only the part of hair that falls between eyebrows. Determine the desired length and err on the longer side. Use your scissors and cut point-up into the section of hair and with a slight angle.

4. Next, comb the next section down and place between pointer and middle finger. You will start to angle down towards the corner of the eye. Point cut the hair you are holding using the same angle and cutting only into 1/2 of the perimeter.

5. Now, onto the right side, this is optimally where it is the most challenging. My advice, start at the bottom and work up to the hair that you cut between the brows. Comb with the fine teeth again, point cut utilizing the same angle of the previous side. Softly connect the right side to middle brow section.

6. After this has been done and both sides match, continue on by dropping all of the bang section over the hair. Comb and make sure the hair is laying where you want it to. The next rule, where you cut it is where you want it to be.

7. Repeat all of the steps with the hair that is laying on top of what you have previously cut. Blow out any loose hairs and hit with a soft hairspray. Primp Workable Spray from Arrojo is my personal favorite.

xo, Kim

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