Photo of a Mens Haircut by Windowwall Salon in the Ford Building in Portland Oregon

Men’s Haircuts

Well, the new year has begun just right.  I’ve heard many great new year’s resoultions.  A resolution that I think is a good one, is for men to keep up with their cuts,  keeping them clean and fresh.  The haircuts that we do for men range from offering straight-razor cuts, scissor over come cuts (basically the same as with a clipper, but with amazing grow out), clipper cuts, fades and any high fashion look you’re going for.  All of our gentlemen receive a shampoo with a scalp massage, brow trimming, side-burn enhancement with a glass of wine in hand while listening to the most current tracks.

We are located in the Ford Building on the top floor.  Call 503-309-6008 to book with us! xoxo

POSTED by Kim Namanny