Photo of D'OR by OLO Fragrance and WINDOWWALL


Heather informed me that she wanted to create a fragrance based on our shared inspiration.  I love that she traced back to the time that Godard was the only thing that mattered to me in cinema and changed my love for cinema.  With that, my love for Paris only grew stronger.  I fantasized about the historic times of Paris, the part that we all have  dreamt of.  An era that was loud, dark and smokey.  The 20’s were a new opportunity for women to cut their hair, wear makeup, perfume and smoking in public.  The aroma was of the illicit substance absinthe.  The era we wished we had been a part of.  The dreamer…. chasing the night and where it was all starting.  D’OR was inspired by this.  We wanted to capture a little touch of history.  D’OR means “gold” or “golden” and with that we thought that a collection of dreams could come true with this scent!

The main notes of D’OR: bergamot mint, lavender, fennel, anise ,wormwood,  myrtle, cypress, labdanum, balsam.

D’OR is available exclusively at WINDOWWALL Salon!

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