Photo of a woman with two braids in her hair.

Pop Up Braid Shop

We have seen in many different lights that braids have been the new hair trend, especially for this fall and winter.  Seeing them from some of the best designers walking the catwalk to being super urban and used in an underground fashion sort of way.  I have always loved a messy braid or updo myself.  Something interesting and raw.  A look that seems anyone could just recreate at home.  I actually think it looks cooler the softer the end effect is.  These looks are designed not to reflect perfection, but merely celebrate a look that could look even better the day after.

WINDOWWALL is offering a reservation-only braid pop up workshop this Friday, October 19th. We will be toasting with Champagne and many other surprises to come!  We will be holding different workshops each month.  So, if for some reason you cannot make it to this one, then no need to fret.  I promise, there will be many more to come!  Xo, WW

POSTED by Kim Namanny