Prep your hair before color appointments

I would like to introduce how to prep your hair before coming in for you next color or balayage appointment. There are many myths about this topic.

Color is a very technical process. There is not doubt about it that bleach and color can be damaging to your hair. When lifting your hair to blonde, you are removing underlying pigments from the hair’s structure, which can indeed be very damaging. This is no secret, but some colorists do this process and are more harsh while some are more gentle. I’ve seen a million times over and heard the clients previous stylist say to come in with dirty hair. This is a myth! When having dirty hair the color has to break through the chemicals, pollutants and silicones on the hair while the client is sitting there dripping of grease. What stylist wants to touch dirty hair.

What I recommend is the day of your appointment, wash your hair with a gentle shampoo such as the Phyto Joba and do not scrub your scalp too hard. Just do a gentle cleanse. Then, condition from roots to ends with the Phyto Sesame. This preps the hair with additional moisture to protect the hair. After you are out of the shower apply two drops of Olo’s Argan oil from roots to ends. This creates and even palette for your colorist to paint the hair evenly, receiving the best color results. This will allow for your color not only to look its best, but indeed help with keeping your hair in the best condition!

POSTED by Kim Namanny