razor haircuts for the best cuts and style

Razor Haircuts

Are you looking for texture and a modern look? Then look no further, because we have been cutting hair with the straight razor for a long time now. I took a straight razor workshop years ago at the house of Bumble and bumble NYC, and the versatility continues to inspire me. Bumble did a lot of research on this tool that was discovered to be the first implement of hair cutting/hair dressing.  The Bumble team also did additional research on Vidal Sassoon and the style and structure of his haircuts.  Bumble then took the structure of the Vidal cuts and added the straight razor technique into these timeless modern shapes, but now with an up-to-date texture.

Many clients come to me with a fear of razor haircuts. Yes, I am sure everyone has had a bad razor cut. The reasons for this go on and on…but, I can quickly sum it up. A straight razor cut is entirely different than a guarded razor cut. A new razor needs to be used fresh for each cut. The degree in which the razor hits your hair–to restore the natural integrity of the hair’s cuticle–is the very key to the cut that will make your hairstyle come alive. With the education on how to use the proper hair products, razor cuts offer great versatility on a modern look that you can change with your style daily.

Wear a razor cut as your day shifts into night, with natural born style, creating a new modern movement.

POSTED by Kim Namanny