Long - starting at $50
Short - starting at $40
Clipper Cut - starting at $35
Fringe Trim $15
First Time Fringe $30
Fringe Trims in between scheduled haircuts are complimentary.


Blowout $60
Style - starting at $75


Single Process Retouch - starting at $75
Single Process - starting at $100
Single Process Foil - starting at $165
Partial Foil - starting at $125
Full Foil - starting at $140
Partial Balayage - starting at $145
Full Balayage - starting at $165
Double Process - starting at $150
Creative Color - hourly
Tint Back - hourly
Color Correction - hourly
Gloss $65
Color Blowout add $35 to color scheduled without a haircut. Make sure to mention this when booking.


Brazilian Blowout
Full $300
Partial $175
Full Retouch $150
Partial Retouch $100
American Wave $100/hour
Consultations Required Prior to Booking Service


Balayage to Foil - Starting at $75
Face Frame Highlight to color add $55
Face Frame Highlight to haircut add $75
Olaplex $55
Olaplex to Color add $35
Painted Ends - starting at $50
Gloss add $35
Extra Length | Density - starting at $30
Extra Batch of Color add $10

At Windowwall, services are offered a la carte. We choose to do it this way to make pricing approachable to allow our clients to specify and select what services are desired. If you are a new color or american wave client, we encourage you to schedule a complimentary consultation with a colorist to receive a price quote. Color services and pricing associated, vary on colorist, stylist, and the length, texture, thickness, and of course your desired outcome! Pleace call to schedule a complimentary consultaion 503.309.6008