Photo of Bangs Haircut at windowwall salon in portland oregon

Should or Shouldn’t Bang?

Bangs are the quintessential fashion statement. When paired with the right face shape and haircut, you can be instantly transformed and ready to walk down the runway. But, making the leap of faith from side-swept to blunt, choppy, baby, or 70s  bangs (to name a few) can be very daunting. Things one should always consider is shape, wear-ability, and upkeep.

Many of us are led to believe that bangs are an easy transition, and upkeep is minimal. While it is not a lengthy process, you have to be ready to put a little more styling effort into your look. Tools one should have handy and ready to use are a blow dryer with nozzle, a Mason Pearson or Denman brush, and flat iron. This is why it is very important to consult with your stylist on all options and whether it appropriately suits your lifestyle, and for styling tips and how-tos.

Upon styling, also keep in mind your face shape, jaw and cheekbones, and forehead structure. By looking at the jaw and cheekbones you can maximize the angles in your face by bringing the attention of the eye up or down in the way the bangs are cut. Also when contemplating length, bear in mind if you would like to elongate or shorten your face shape.

This past year we have seen bangs all over blogs, magazines, and on our favorite artists, and the trend is keeping them present here now, in 2013. From Chanel to Hermes, bangs are here to stay. Always classic and never old, check out WINDOWWALL’s Pinterest for inspiration, and don’t let fear hold you back from your true hair self.


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