Shawn Glassford of Starfucker

Shawn Glassford of Starfucker

Introducing Shawn Glassford one of the visionaries behind Starfucker.  This is my first interview ever and hope it is only beginning from here on out.

Kim:  So Shawn, Please tell me the best thing about your life?

Shawn:  Honestly, it is to play music.  Playing music has enabled me to travel the world.  So, I guess its two passions in one.  Second to that is have and keep all the amazing friends I have.

K:  What inspires you?

S:  So many things.  Anything that excites me.

K:  What excites you?

S:  New things.  Also, when someone is genuine about their art.  It doesn’t even matter if its good or bad, as long as it’s real.

K:  What inspires your look?

S:  Just what makes me feel good.  I don’t really think much about it.

K:  What makes Starfucker, Starfucker?

S:  Josh Hodges.  He wanted to do something fresh and something he wasn’t bored with.  But, I guess it was through not getting bored.

K:  Well, you know I have to ask you this… tell me how your hair looks?

S:  Super bad ass, thanks to the one and only Kim Namanny.

K: Ahhhh, thank you Shawn.

K:  Could you explain the playlist while you were getting your haircut today?

S:  It is defintly the best playlist I’ve heard while getting a hair cut.  Its pretty much all of the songs I want to hear.  Its super now.  Its super fresh.

K:  Dreaming any set of dreams, what are the dreams that you dream of?

S:  I’ve dreamt what it would be like if humans reached their full potential.  I’ve wondered what society would be like if we just used more than 11% of our brains.

K: Thank you, Shawn, for you’re time.

S: Thank you.

POSTED July 17th 2011 by Kim Namanny