Thinking about Blonde Hair

Are you considering going blonde?  I have outlined some aspects of what you may need to consider prior to opening up your wallet and time schedule.

I personally think blonde hair can be super sophisticated and sexy.  I know that NYC loves its brunettes, but here on the West Coast I think blonde is the color most are always considering.

Working in the hair salon industry for twelve years now, I know for certain that going blonde is expensive to maintain.  When you see a great blonde walk into the room, it means big bucks, but it may be worth each and every penny.

The general rule of thumb is if you had blonde hair as a child, you will most likely look good with blonde hair as an adult.  I first recommend visiting your salon for a consultation.  These are generally complimentary and can be highly informative.  At the time of your consultation, it is a good time to discuss the upkeep and the average cost of going blonde. Most colorists who are skilled will take into consideration the contrast between your face and your hair when going blonde.  The biggest hair color mistake is going too light which is never a good look! The best hair color allows for contrast and enhances the face.

Next, you are asking.. Should I get all-over color or highlights?  When going blonde or blonder, you have three options:  single-process color, highlights, or a combination of single-process color to lighten your base while adding highlights on top of the base color. Single-process color is by far the least expensive in any salon, but in all honesty it is my least favorite way to go lighter.  It ends up looking monochromatic.

If you and your stylist have determined that you have a good natural base, you can skip lightening with a single-process and go right into getting highlights, which for many woman is the most common.  If your hair is dark and you will know what I mean by dark, you will want to start with getting a single-process going lighter and adding highlights.  This will give you a sun-kissed natural look that you see in every magazine and with most celebrities.  A little note: you should never subject the hair to more than two color processes in one day.  Most celebrities have multiple visits in a week to go lighter with the right hue.

Make sure you can make the commitment to blonde hair before entering into the high maintenance category.  You will need to be spending a lot of time and money in the salon and will need to come in every 4 weeks.  You will need to commit to regular touch-ups, toners and touching up the highlights, along with proper products in your home to keep the hair looking as close to natural as possible.  Another service I absolutely love for blondes is a gloss treatment.  This boosts color and makes the hair shinier while sealing the cuticle!

Not all skin tones look good in a platinum hair.  Plus, not all hair can handle the harsh processing it involves to get that amazing shade of pearl.  If you have made the big decision for a dramatic change, I always suggest coming in for a haircut before you get color.  This way the color will compliment the cut!

The healthier the hair the healthier the blonde will look.  Blonde hair is highly susceptible to chlorine and the sun!!  Please ask your stylist and learn how to protect your hair and how to use at-home masks.  I personally love the Phytokarite Mask and Subtil Elixir from Phyto!

Don’t forget to consider your brows.  Your colorist may want to take them lighter or darker depending on your age and skin complexion.  Never match your new hair to your brows, the best is always to match the darkest highlight or base color.

xo, Kim

(photo left: We love the beautiful and talented Kricken Yaker of Vanillawood!)

POSTED by Kim Namanny