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Top 6 Summer Hair Care Tips

It’s finally starting to brighten and warm up here in Portland, and that means its time to mention some more simple but always important summer hair care tips.  It’s great to feel in the sun’s rays, and take in some vitamin D.  For years everyone has known how to care for one’s skin in the summer, but not everyone pays attention to their hair.  If you want beautiful hair all summer long, make sure to remember these hair care tips!

Tip 1- Condition More!

It’s always important to condition color-treated hair, but it’s also important for those of us with natural hair.  Using a good moisturizing conditioner, like Phyto’s Mist helps during the summer months. Once a week, or at the very minimum at least once this season, give yourself agood deep conditioning treatment.  It’s the best!

Tip 2: Shampoo Less!

Shampooing can be drying to your hair, so skip a couple of days in between shampoos to prevent your hair from losing its natural moisture.  On those shampoo-free days, try a dry shampoo, such as Lulu Organic’s Hair Powder to keep hair looking good.  Try the Vetiver + Black Pepper its one of my favorites.

Tip 3-Cut Back on Non-Natural Hair Products

Reduce or eliminate your use of  hair products (sprays, mousse, etc.) that contain alcohol, which is very drying to your hair. Try to find hair products, that are all-natural or contain no alcohol or parabens.

Tip 4- Protect Your Hair from the Sun

If you’re going out to the sun for a long period of time, aside from wearing a leave-in sun veil with UV protection, such as Phytoplage Protective Sun Veil.  Also make sure to bring a hat or a scarf for your head for at least part of the time, especially if you have had your hair colored or highlighted.  Finding shade with occasional intervals of sun is best.

Tip 5-  Watch Out for Chlorine

Sometimes the pool is such a refreshing thing on a summer day.   It’s nice to lounge around in a pool that’s just the right temperature, however chlorine is extremely damaging on your hair. The best thing to do would be to wear a cap if you can find one stylish enough, or at the very least wet your hair first and apply the Phyto Joba Mask from roots to ends while in the shower.  This will help prevent your hair from absorbing chlorine.  Make sure you use a good shampoo to remove the chlorine residue as soon as possible after swimming.

Tip 6- Trim regularly

Keep the ends of your hair trimmed during the summer to prevent breakage.  If you’re growing your hair out it is very important to keep up with regular trims as a preventive of the hair splitting.

Follow all of these tips this summer and your hair will thank you in its reflection of shine!

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