Top Songs of 2012

2012 was such a fabulous year for WINDOWWALL salon and its stylists, and it was a great year for music as well. We saw the triumphant return of some familiar favorites, some artists releasing their most satisfying albums to date, and most excitingly we saw a plethora of new artists and tracks hinting that 2013 will continue to be filled with incredible sounds.

I’ve been curating the WINDOWWALL playlist for the past year, always keeping the playlist fresh with the newest releases (with a good dose of rotating classics interspersed throughout). While it would be a real challenge to create a top ten list or something of the sort with so many great tracks to choose from this year, a good mix of some of the favorites may make for a fun hour of listening.

Without further ado, below you can listen to some of WINDOWWALL’s top tracks of 2012! In the mix you’ll hear some great electronic tunes by blog darling Grimes (who topped many best-of lists this year), TRUST (who put on a not-to-miss performance at Holocene during MFNW this past September), the Chromatics (covering New Order, how can you go wrong with that combo?!), and the ultimate summer jam from Portland’s own Onuinu. We also hear the triumphant return of Cat Power and MIA, some new Lana Del Rey, and exciting new artists such as Citizens!, Fear of Men and MS MR, who I’m personally really looking forward to hearing full lengths from in 2013. Finally, the mix also features some of the finest tracks coming out of the returning surge of neo-psychedelia, from bands such as Peaking Lights (Kim’s personal favorite), Prince Rama, and Indian Jewelry (whose track “Eva Marie” may be psych pop perfection). Check them all out below:

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